Technical Solutions

Congress Rental Estonia provides technical solutions for enhancing the understanding between participants of various events such as conferences, exhibitions, and other events, and for helping the audience capture information faster and better. The key to the success of your event is choosing the technical solution that suits your goals. We can achieve your goals with the help of the latest and most advanced technologies, modern equipment, and professional teamwork.

We offer technical solutions for both small seminars and large international conferences. Just let us know how you’ve imagined your event, and we will give you technical advice and put your ideas into action.

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Congress Rental Estonia provides a complete simultaneous interpreting service.

Simultaneous interpreting at events and conferences significantly improves participant communication, including the correct understanding of speeches and presentations in cases of international events that are attended by people who speak different languages.

Simultaneous interpreting will greatly improve the understanding of the topics of speeches and discussions.

Simultaneous interpreting is a complex process that consists of the following elements:

  • Interpreter booths with interpreter microphone units and headphones;
  • Microphone system for meeting moderators, speakers, and discussion participants;
  • Language channel infrared transmission system for meeting participants;
  • Wireless delegate units fitted with receivers and headsets for meeting participants.

Here are four tips for helping your simultaneous interpreting event run smoothly: 

  1. Start organising your event well in advance! There are a very limited number of professional translators specialising in simultaneous interpreting, so during the busiest months for conferences and events these interpreters are booked out very early. Due to its specifics and dynamics, simultaneous interpreting is very different from conventional translating, meaning that not all translators can provide a high-quality interpreting service.
  2. Introduce the interpreter with your event topics! In order for the interpreter to be well prepared for your event, they need to study the specific terminology and the nature of the topic, so it is very important to introduce them with the presentations and speeches! The more detailed the information available to the interpreter, the more successful the simultaneous interpreting service.
  3. Ensure high-quality technical equipment and a professional service team! Transmission systems, interpreting booths, interpreter consoles, and other specific simultaneous interpreting equipment is a very important aspect for event participants to receive clear and audible translation in their headphones. Simultaneous interpreting is a process in which each little detail plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the final product. Professional and responsive staff will allow for successful communication and help to prevent problematic situations before they arise!
  4. Choose the number of interpreters wisely! Note that a single interpreter can’t provide translation for an event that lasts several hours. Interpreters should have time to rest, drink water, use the restroom, etc. Choosing at least two interpreters is common practise, as it gives interpreters the ability to swap, giving each other time for rest and thus ensuring consistent, high-quality simultaneous interpreting.

Discussion Microphone Systems

Decisions in conferences are made during discussions and document drafting and discussing, so the main mission of conference organisers is to ensure that all the participants will have the opportunity to speak and to be heard. Whether you are organising a large international congress or a small conference, we can provide the best technical solution for your needs.

Audio Equipment

Congress Rental Estonia offers a wide range of audio equipment that provides high quality sound solutions for any type of space.

Be it conferences, PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, exhibition stands, gala dinners, or other events, sound system solutions with microphones, sound processing devices, amplifiers, and speakers are an integral part of the technical equipment.

When choosing an audio system, it is important to consider the size of your audience and the event space. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us and our experts will gladly recommend the best solution for you.

Tour Guide Systems

A tour guide system is a wireless audio device that operates in the FM band.

It consists of:
  • a portable transmitter;
  • a headset microphone for the interpreter or the guide;
  • receivers with headsets for the audience (tourists). 

Congress Rental Estonia rents out the equipment produced by Listen Technologies and Okayo Electronics Co., two leading tour guide system manufacturers.

Tour guide FM systems are of great help in such conferences and seminars which include tours of different sites and environments.

If you need to arrange simultaneous interpreting for small groups in places where it isn’t possible to provide interpreting booths or to install other specialised simultaneous interpreting equipment, the best solution is a tour guide system.

Usually, these devices are used in bus or pedestrian tourist excursions, and in industrial, agricultural, and other sites that are particularly noisy. Tour guide systems ensure good audibility of the guide/speaker. In museums, churches, and other public places where silence is required, our tour guide system offers the opportunity to carry on with the excursion in a lower voice, without disturbing other visitors.

If necessary, additional receivers can be easily attached to a single transmitter. If simultaneous interpreting is required, an additional transmitter with a microphone for the interpreter can be added on another frequency, so that the audience can select a channel and listen to the speaker in their chosen language.

Tour guide system receivers provide excellent audibility within a radius of at least 30 m from the transmitter.

Using this system is as easy as listening to the radio on a conventional radio device. Moreover, it is reliable and user-friendly and it doesn’t require the help of our technicians.

If need be, the Congress Rental Estonia specialists will gladly introduce you to the functions of the tour guide system, teach the users, demonstrate how to replace batteries or how to use additional frequencies, and answer any other questions related to the operation of the system.

Voting Systems

What is IVS Online Voting Software?
IVS Online is an online voting system that allows you to carry out quick and secure remote voting using a smartphone, tablet, or any other device connected to the Internet that has a browser.

What events is the IVS Online Voting Software system suitable for?
Online conferences;
Online shareholders’ meetings;
Online council meetings;
Online employee surveys;
Online brainstorming seminars;
Online quizzes.

IVS Online Voting Software participants’ identification options: 

Anonymous voting
With this type of voting, anyone can take part in the vote, and there is no link between the questioner and the person giving the answers.

Partially identified voting
With this type of voting, each participant is asked to provide his/her e-mail address before he/she can join the vote. This allows the system to determine who, for example, is the winner of the quiz.

Identified voting
If this voting method is used, each participant receives a unique login name and password. Participation is only possible if the registration conditions are met.

How is the voting conducted?
The event organiser contacts Congress Rental Estonia, submits the necessary materials. Then the Congress Rental Estonia employee performs the necessary preparations in the IVS Online system. I.e. designs the created questions, coordinates the visual solution of the vote, inserts the logo, text, etc. of the event organiser or the advertised product into the design.

If a personalised vote is required, a list of participants is created, and participants are given an individual username and a password. It is e-mailed to each participant. For events with higher security requirements, such as company shareholders’ meetings, the access password for voting can be sent to the participants by registered mail, thus ensuring that the participant has received, in person, access to voting.

Before voting, participants open the QR code or voting link received in the e-mail on their smart device. Voting takes place following the instructions in the voting presentation on users’ smart devices. Voting is led by the event organiser, but in order to protect against technical errors, the meeting is also monitored by an employee of Congress Rental Estonia.

Contact Congress Rental Estonia for consultation and additional information about the possibilities of IVS Online. We will gladly offer you a demonstration of the possibilities provided by the system.

Interactive Voting System (IVS)

We recommend using modern technology in your events in order to make congresses, conferences, and seminars more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Interactive voting systems are a good way to establish a closer connection with the audience and the participants of your event by actively involving them in it, be it a seminar, product presentation, or another event. With the use of a voting system it is possible to find out the audience’s opinion or knowledge regarding a particular subject quickly, accurately and, if necessary, anonymously. The speaker or the event organiser can get the necessary data on their audience, such as the experience, age, or education of the participants, as well as organise knowledge tests. For example, by performing a knowledge test on your audience before and after your speech, you can judge the effectiveness of the training process!

Interactive voting systems have become very popular, as they help make presentations more interesting and engage the audience by conducting polls, drawing audience members into discussions, and facilitating the exchanging of views. They also help making the audience into active participants by involving them in the event and by getting feedback from the audience. Interactive voting systems provide event organisers with the ability to conduct all types of voting and make possible the receiving of accurate results instantly. 

There are also several less effective interactive voting technologies on the market, which we wouldn’t recommend using. Many of them use cloud-based software, which is a solution that is subject to various major limitations — for example, often it isn’t possible to add additional questions quickly or to get results, and often these systems lag due to slow internet connection, meaning that the audience is forced to wait while the speaker solves technical problems, and so on. In order to participate in the voting, all participants must have a smartphone, must log in to the website with a password, and may need to install a new application which then must be deleted. The organiser of the event must ensure a stable and powerful internet and WiFi connection or use mobile data, the latter of which could lead to additional costs and force breaks in the presentation. The data collection and processing of these voting solutions usually takes place in the cloud, without providing secure and fast system operation.

In order to avoid these limitations, we offer using voting systems produced by IVS (Netherlands), the world’s leading voting equipment manufacturer. They are user-friendly, easy to configure, and convenient to use. The IVS system quickly processes and presents the voting results. With the use of this system, you can ensure all kinds of polls and create engaging questionnaires and competitions. IVS allows you to add questions in a presentation slide and to view the results straight on the next slide immediately after the vote, without any delays or interruptions to the presentation.

Our service provides each of your event participants with a wireless voting unit that is equipped with a display, showing the voting options and the confirmation and deselection keys. Voting can be done both anonymously or not — for example, in order to be able to record the results of each participant’s knowledge test. If the voters need to be identified, each participant has to use a personalised smart card which is placed in the voting device. After the end of the vote, it is possible to display the result directly on the screen in the form of a chart or a graphic table. During voting, in order to fill the silence, it is possible to automatically play selected background music, which, together with visuals, gives the participants information about the time remaining until the end of the vote. The working radius of the IVS interactive voting system device is around 100 m, making it convenient to use in large events, organised in big arenas, exhibition centres, and other vast spaces.

Before the event our technicians, together with the event organiser, will carry out all the necessary preparation work, help adding the created questions, and coordinate the vote visualisation options. It is also possible to use the logo of the event organiser or of the promoted product, as well as the corporate colours, etc., in the voting visuals. If participant identification is required in the voting, we will programme special voting ID cards that will have to be distributed to participants prior to the event. During the event, our technicians will work together with the client in order to ensure that the system works flawlessly and to provide the opportunity, if necessary, for the speaker to ask any unforeseen questions or to make any changes in the voting programme. After the event, the organiser may receive the voting results in paper form, if necessary.

Our corporate clients who have tried this system often request it again, thus indicating that it has been really useful to them. We invite you to try it too! Make your events more attractive and interesting, avoiding boring presentations and long, exhausting, and monotonous events.

If you have any questions about the IVS interactive voting system and its use, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists, who will gladly answer all your questions and offer the best solution for you.

Live Video, Videoconferences

We often provide our services for conferences that require a high-quality video image of the speaker, signal processing, and image transmission to interpreters in other rooms or buildings. We offer a complete video system solution of any complexity depending on your needs. We have extensive experience with automatic video cameras that work synchronously with conference discussion microphone systems. Congress Rental Estonia often provides video broadcasts from hospital operating rooms.

If you are looking to film a seminar, use video recordings in a training process, or make your event more visually appealing and you need advice on how to achieve it, don’t hesitate to contact us, for our specialists will gladly recommend the best solution for you.

Video Presentation Systems

Congress Rental Estonia offers a wide range of conference and business meeting presentation and interactive communication solutions, including the design, installation, and technical support during operation. We offer audiovisual presentation solutions for businesses, education and healthcare fields, and public administration.

We carry out personalised assessments in order to define a clear range of possible solutions for every client and to provide the best possible solution within a specific budget, not only meeting but also exceeding the expectations of our clients. We focus on the needs of every individual client and we offer a wide range of equipment — from flip charts, simple office-class projectors and LCD displays, to large-format high-definition projection technologies, videoconferencing and virtual presence technologies for remote event attendance and distance learning.

A conference room is a centre for the exchange of ideas and information as well as a place for education; therefore, it needs to be equipped with the right tools to achieve the main goal of a meeting: effective communication and discussion. We will help you create a versatile conference room with integrated audio, video, display, and management systems. A meeting room that meets your specific needs — whether you require a simple projector with a small screen or a conference room with a large-format high-definition projection technology, an LCD screen video wall, and a virtual presence technology that allows remote attendance and distance learning.